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‘Contemporary Psalms; 365 Daily Reflections.’

It still seems humbling to read the title, to hold this book in my hand and to appreciate the collaboration that was necessary to bring it to fruition. I started writing my thought and feelings in the form of poetry when in my teens.

Through the busy stages of my life writing continued to be a valued form of self-expression and a therapeutic companion. There was no time or inclination to publish this book. I wrote for and to my friends as I walked alongside them through cancer, sudden loss, and life’s concerns. As I ventured into the time of my life when I considered my dreams and aspirations, I felt led to pursue writing.

My first task was to compile my writing and I was truly astounded to find I had written over 200 poems over the years. The journey was not complete and as the Lord directed, I met people along the way who prompted me to publish,  gave me the name, guided the format and publishing and to top it all I am a proud mama whose family joined and supported her in completing this project so dear to her heart. I have experienced God’s guidance along this path, and I am truly thankful and His blessed child.


From Carmen Lee Pow on February 3, 2020
"The beauty of this book is that it has a page for everyday of the year.

It is filled with inspirational true life experiences. It is not necessary for you to read every page in the sequence it is written. Just open the book every day and whichever page you open you will have a poem that will inspire you, motivate you, allow you to understand your own perspective of life, and why God plays an important role in your life without you even knowing that he is watching every movement you make. Experience his miracles! It's the kind of book that never gets old. My favorite is 'Mama I Tried'."

Born Wealthy Cover.jpg

Born "Wealthy"

This book has been a labor of love in honor of my beloved parents who have been my greatest treasures in life. It has taken me many years to complete and during this time I further appreciated the value of their investment in my life. While their investment was monetary in part, their more important and life changing investment in me was emotionally, mentally, and lovingly. I am blessed, I am wealthy, and I am thankful for the gift of my parents, siblings and extended family that I have cherished throughout my life. My prayer, my hope is that as you read this book it will lead you on a journey where gratitude abounds for the many unplanned, unsolicited gifts we have all received in life. These precious gifts of relationships form the solid foundation that foster resilience, determination and drive in the midst of our beautiful yet broken world.

Where can you find my books:

  • Newark Arts Alliance – Newark DE

  • Newark Free Library

  • Online order from author at, and

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