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My First Virtual Presentation

This is to announce my participation in the Wilmington Writers Conference First Virtual Presentation!

In this time of Covid-19 we must be prepared to encounter many 'firsts'. For me, this is one of them, as I am tasked to participate in a virtual presentation on the topic "A Perspective on Immigration in the United States: Untold Stories".

'Despite the frequency with which news reporting on immigration is done there continue to be many untold and unacknowledged aspects of this documented human movement. It is impossible to tell all the stories in every situation, unfortunately, on the subject of immigration the storyteller often speaks

from a scholarly or point of view. Rarely is the personal perspective explored in any depth. There are many stories that make the immigration story much more than a political debate but rather an integral part of the health and development or progress of humanity...' This presentation sheds light on some of those stories.

If this presentation or the Wilmington Writers Conference in general interests you, come check it out! Click the following link to register and I will see you there! (

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