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My Hiding Place

Updated: May 30, 2020

I sit curled in the natural armchair

Hugged by curving branches

Hidden by dark green leaves

Shading me from the heat of the blazing sun

Comforted by a gently rustling breeze

Gently swaying the ripening mangoes

Only an arm’s length away

It’s a place of comfort

A hiding place of sorts

A place to relax and dream

To think and comprehend

Listen without being heard

See without being felt

To stay as long as I can

The smell of the ripening mangoes

A pleasurable sensation

A book held lovingly in my hand

Helps me travel to far off lands

To feel, to sense, to understand

Those vivid scenes

Only a gifted writer can create

So I can taste the cold snow flakes

That I have never seen

My armchair

My hiding place,

My dreaming place

Where I find myself

And understand His care

Learn about my creator

For He gave me

My hiding place

Copyright ©2015 JSFontenelle

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