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Not an Echo

Updated: May 30, 2020

A child you are

A child of two

Made up of genes centuries old

In some ways an echo of the past

Sometimes a copy of the present

Life demands that you decide

To be an echo or a voice

A shadow of one who went before

Who made choices wise and clear

Who made mistakes deep and dear

You are called to decide

To be an echo or a voice

Do you know that you are unique

Not a copy or a clone

Your life not an extension of another

But a continuation of a cycle

As each generation learns from each other

Building on the foundation laid before

So, you are called to decide

To be an echo or a voice

As a building requires a wide range of materials

Put together to form the whole

So a family requires a group of different individuals

Working together for the good of the whole

Do not echo others voices

But sing out loud with your own

For you are unique Not an echo of another

Do not blame others for the results

If you choose to be an echo, not a voice

Blaze your trail along life’s road

Make it your own

For you are beautifully


You are wonderfully made

To decide on your life’s work

Look to your creator for guidance

Then look around you

Learn from all

Listen, observe, question

Then make your choice

Remember, an echo is

Of no substance

Only fleeting and short-lived

But your life is a gift

To be cherished and wisely used

So learn from others

But do not compare

Act from choice, not from defiance

And you will be a voice, not an echo.

Copyright© 4/2015 JSFontenelle

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